Our team is at your disposal

We are based in Torrevieja since 1992.

Our whole team, the dentist, hygienist, dental technician, receptionist and assistants are focused at one goal. This is to create and guarantee you healthy and beautiful teeth by providing you the best possible care.

We apply the best materials to restore the functionality of the mouth. We are keen to apply materials that do not cause any allergic reaction to the mouth (bio-compatibility) and we use only certified materials.

Dentistry a state of art

We collaborate intensively with our dental technicians and therefore we can restore your mouth with eye for details, using the newest materials in dentistry.

We are convinced that real health has to be in balance. Therefore, we dedicate time for oral hygiene and maintenance; we seek balance in occlusion for optimum functionality and copy nature to give a harmonious and esthetic touch to our work.

A smile is a gift for yourself and for everybody that surrounds’ you.