Beauty, Goodness and Truth

...the three fundamental values applied to nowadays dentistry.

We are based in Torrevieja since 1992. We comprehend all fields of dentistry like periodontology, oral surgery, prosthodontics, orthodontics, etc. But over the last 4 years we have been specialising ourself in the field of Aesthetic Dentistry. There is an ever growing demand for nice looking teeth in an healthy mouth.

Nowadays in the 21th Century there is no need to have uggly looking teeth.

'Human beings represent the sensitive vector that gives life to essential beauty' (Leonardo da Vinci)

The golden proportion appears to be an example of harmony in wich cohesive and segregative forces are equally integrated.

Three key distinctions

1. Our Gentle Understanding Approach

After understanding your aspirations and carefully diagnosing your dental health, we develop a plan that treats your individual restorative needs and aesthetic desires. Your treatment plan aims to set a sound dental condition as a foundation for cosmetic artistry. Just as you would not build your dream house on unstable ground, you can not achieve dental success without first securing the underlying elements.

2. Establishing Confidence and Trust

We are mindful of the intimate nature of our work and appreciate the privilege of entering your personal space. By taking time to explain the sounds, sights and sensations you can expect during procedures, we minimize any potential for anxiety. Our goal is to open the "sacred door" between doctor and patient to enter an atmosphere of trust and confidence.

3. Creating Comfort and Ease

While some people may feel anxious about dentistry, it is not necessary. At International Dental Clinic we help you ease your feeling with taking time for you. Our approach is to address your feelings seriously, rather than being dismissive, or rushing you to "grin and bear it".