1.  Teeth bleaching

When your teeth become stained and darker, the solution is dental bleaching. We use a blue light called LED which makes the teeth lighter and clearer than before in only one session. This method is most suitable for people having stains because of the use of cigarettes, coffee, tea and red wine. But also for people who are born with a discolouring of the teeth.

Immediate result

The powerful blue light LED assures instantly result in only one session of 40 minutes (2 times 20 minutes).

Everlasting result

The result can last a couple of years, however, this depends a lot of your habits like use of tobacco, coffee, tea and red wine.


2.  Dental veneers

Are your teeth discoloured or do you have a small fissure or cracks in them? Then porcelain veneers is the solution for you. A reliable solution where we can remake the colour, shape or position of the tooth the way we wish.
Clínica Dental Internacional Pedro Amor Koole helps you in making the right choice. Porcelain veneers look completely natural and cannot be distinguished from real teeth.

Treatment time

You can change your smile in 2 session of half an hour per veneer.


Veneers can last for years without getting discoloured. Important however is, that you keep excellent oral hygiene and that you give up nail biting or other habits where you abuse your front teeth.


3.  Invisalign®

Invisalign® makes use of a computerized simulation of the position of your teeth before and after the treatment.

Why Invisalign®?

Invisalign® gives you the beautiful smile you always have wanted.

It is invisible: No one can see that you are wearing an aligner (no brackets)

It is removable: You can take the aligner out at any moment (convenient when you eat, when having an important meeting or when have to clean your teeth or when you have to floss).

It is comfortable: You do not hurt lips or cheeks like with brackets

Treatment time

This depends strongly on your personal situation. Small defects can take approximately 6 months. Bigger corrections depend on the actual problem.

This method can only be used at adults. For further information, you may click into the following link: www.Invisalign.com


4.  Full porcelain crowns

Of all current materials in dentistry, full porcelain crowns are the most aesthetic, strongest and totally biocompatible. In short, it is our choice number one. The light is reflected just as natural teeth. Therefore, you do not see the dark ridge anymore surrounding the gums. It does not contain metal so there is no chemical reaction taking place in the mouth. Furthermore, they are very strong, colour resistant and do not wear off.

In Clínica Dental Internacional we use the newest generation of full porcelain crowns, such as Empress by Ivoclar and Procera by Nobelbiocare.

Treatment time

We need approximately 2 or 3 sessions from half an hour per crown depending on your situation.


5.  Aesthetic reshaping of your front teeth

We polish small deviations away from the teeth in order to approach the ideal laugh line. For example: shortening of a front tooth that is too long or polishing unevenness of the tooth and make it uniform again.
Reshaping is often combined with bleaching in order to get a radiant smile.